Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The rest of 2012


September 2012 was relatively tame and devoted mostly to making pasta. However, I did participate in the Dirty Girl Mud Run with Emily and several of her friends and neighbors. It was indeed muddy. In addition to making you belly crawl through several troughs of muddy water, there were also obstacles and walls to scale. It was seriously fun though. Here is team “what?”:



Other than our travels to North Carolina and Portland, which I’ve already covered, there were the following regular events:

Seeing Seth at the store

oct 2012 076

Watching the sunset on evening dog walks

oct 2012 097

Playing at the City Park playground on sunny mornings with Emily and Archer

portland 2012 004

And a tour of the Stranahan’s facility with Seth and Lisa



This is the month of my birthday and Thanksgiving but I have no photos from either.  Suffice it to say that both were joyous – seriously. Our Thanksgiving open house didn’t quite turn out the way we thought but we did end up with seven people for dinner.

I did do some knitting though. I knitted this hat for Seth:

Nov 2012 013

There was more sunset watching.

Nov 2012 020

One of my birthday gifts was Angel’s Envy bourbon! We already had a bottle of Stranahan’s and Bulleit. So we had a tasting! Although I do loooove the Stranahan’s, the Angel’s Envy is very good. It’s aged in port wine barrels and it has a delicate flavor for a bourbon.

end of nov 2012 002

We used the Thanksgiving left overs to make mini pot pies! Seth had the brilliant idea to make a rosemary dough for the mixture of turkey, carrots, potatoes, and mushroom gravy. The were delicious!!

end of nov 2012 003


So far December has been full of cookie making and holiday shopping. Otherwise, holiday parties and more knitting. In fact, I taught an eight-person class and it was quite a lot of fun.

Here is a sample of the cookies; these are cinnamon-ginger cookies:

end of nov 2012 035

This is a view of shopping at the Fancy Tiger handmade market:

end of nov 2012 032

Here is my finished neck warmer:

nov 2012 more 019

So that was 2012. That is all.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Summer 2012 recap


I actually already blogged about a lot of the things that happened in June. The only photos to share are of more gummy nonsense.

We staged a zombie scene where undead gummy bears partake of a gummy brain:


We put a gummy egg in the mouth of a carving:


I saw and documented, but did not share, the “zombie response vehicle” that was parked in Capitol Hill:



Similarly for July, I blogged about the interesting events of that month and even the gummy nonsense trailed off that month.


In August we took a road trip around Colorado, but I covered that during regularly scheduled programming. What I didn’t cover was my first bike race! I went to the Bannock Street Criterium. It was exciting in those few moments every seven or so minutes when the pack goes by, but otherwise…it’s a lot of sitting and waiting.


We hiked Fancy Pass, which has become something of an annual event for me but is always an amazing time – it’s so beautiful. Here’s me descending into the alpine tundra between Fancy Pass and Missouri Pass with Dempsey:


We attended a really stunning wedding at Mt. Princeton Hot Springs. That is a fantastic location to tie the knot. The weather was perfect and the feeling was good, probably the best wedding experience I’ve had.



At some point in the evening we found moustaches and Seth transformed himself from regular guy to…suave man!


If every August were so fulfilling the blah life would be in danger. 

Next – September 2012!

Monday, December 17, 2012

Spring 2012 remembered

Things actually happened in April 2012, but if I don’t blog about them it’s like they didn’t. 


Early in April I went on my 10th date for the month and met this guy and it changed my life. Seriously – this guy is awesome.

april 2012 002

So, that happened.

Otherwise, Lisa and I took a Friday and went to Fort Collins for brewery tours. If you live in Colorado and haven’t done this yet, I highly recommend it. You just can’t go wrong with learning about how beer is brewed and getting to taste lots of beer! We hit the Budweiser brewery first, then New Belgium, then another place that I can’t remember…we sampled a lot of beer!

april FC 038

april FC 049

april FC 054

Archer (son of Emily and Josh) had his first birthday! Interestingly, I didn’t get any photos of him but his cake was super cute:

april 2012 013


I ran both the Colfax Marathon Relay with the FasTracker Team and the Boulder Bolder.  Here is a photo of me on my leg of the relay:


This is Seth running the Boulder Bolder – there are no good photos of me running the event.


So many random things in May…Emily and Josh moved, Seth and I made homemade pizzas, we placed gummy creatures in various places, the WTS International Conference happened in Denver.  Here are some photos to sum it up:

the pedicab ride from the conference hotel to the opening reception:

may misc 2012 025

Me and Celeste and some other folks at the opening reception:


Homemade pizza

may 2012 088

gummy nonsense

may 2012 103

may 2012 106

Archer just before moving to the new house

may 2012 033

Those are the major events for April and May I think. More wrap up on the way!!

Sunday, December 16, 2012

More 2012 Unmentioned

Continuing from yesterdays post, I am covering some events about which I didn’t make time to post this year. Remember, this is the blah life so not everything covered here will be exciting for you.


Let’s see, in March I went to a Bike Denver event at the Denver Beer Company. At this event they were taking photos of Denverites with their bikes and with statements in a whiteboard bubble. Here’s my beer and then me with my bike:

march 2012 misc 017march more 2012 011

I attended the LUPEC (Ladies United for the Preservation of Endangered Cocktails) prom. Basically we gathered at Bender’s after getting dressed up in prom dresses and drank. Here’s Jess, me, and Shannon at the event:


Oh, and spring arrived in March! Always a photo opportunity to catch the trees blossoming on my walk to work:

march more 2012 088

The big event for March was my trip to Moab with Jess! It got off to a bumpy start with her car breaking down, but we got lucky when we pulled into a AAA gas station that provided towing service! So it was just a slight detour. I don’t remember exactly the hikes we did but we hit both Arches and Canyonlands National Parks. The weather was amazing and we had a great time – we even met up with Hillary for an evening.

march more 2012 053

march more 2012 022

photo b

So, that was March. Up next…April!

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Unmentioned 2012

Several events came and went this year and I didn’t make time to cover them here. But! I don’t want to leave them out entirely!


New Years Day Snowshoeing: Hillary organized a group of women (and Stephen) for a fun 1st day of 2012 snowshoeing. We slogged up Butler Gulch and back down in the chilly January 1st air, but it was super fun! Jess took this photo of Emily, me, Hillary, Shaina, and Stephen:

new years day-2

It was a beautiful day:

random 072

Stock Show Rodeo: Every January here in Denver the National Western Stock Show comes through town. It’s an event that last for a few weeks and includes a parade in downtown and a variety of events. I was invited to the rodeo one night! Of course, we visited the petting zoo prior. I think this photo was taken right as the little goat in my lap bit my thumb:

still january 001

We also meandered through the area where the livestock are prepped for showing and sales:

jan 12 misc 022

Yes, sales – you can purchase all manner of livestock at the stock show. In fact, some places advertise with postcards and flyers on the walls:

jan 12 misc 025

Then there was the actual rodeo. Very entertaining. It is fascinating to see just how quickly a grown man can “hogtie” a baby cow…It was a patriotic affair – lots of flags:

jan 12 misc 097

We headed to the stock show bar after and observed some small amount of line dancing before Hillary sang “These Boots are Made for Walking” in a brave show of karaoke.

jan 12 misc 096


Not a lot happened in February…I went skiing with Lisa and her son Jack!

feb 2012 067

We got locked out of her car, but luckily the ski resort guest services guys were ready with tools:

feb 2012 075

In February, I also went thrift store shopping. Didn’t buy a lot but got some good merchandise shots. Yep, there are all kinds of animal glassware available at your local thrift store:

feb 2012 m9sc 018

feb 2012 m9sc 031

feb end 041

What else did I do…? There was the WTS Colorado annual awards gala:


There was a visit to the Butterfly Pavilion:

feb end 040

feb end 045

Ok, so that was January and February…I’ll let that soak in for a bit. Stay tuned for the rest of 2012!!