Tuesday, April 16, 2013

grumpy cat

This is grumpy cat:

Tardar Sauce

Some of you (probably many of you) have seen this gloomy feline on the interwebs. I personally can’t get enough of this pint-sized sourpuss. Of course, the denizens of the online realm have created lots of memes with grumpy cat. Here are just a few:




Now, with that, go and have a day.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Good will

Last month I was killing time at a thrift store on West Colfax. Perusing the offerings can often be contemplative. I mean, one starts to wonder where these orphaned items came from and who will possibly take them in? This particular visit happened to be around Easter, so the brick-a-brack shelves were rife with rabbits, eggs, and pastel items.

march 2013 018

march 2013 030

Someone must have let go of their entire collection of these odd little people, as you can see in the background – there were plenty to choose from.

march 2013 019

I’m kind of kicking myself for not snapping up the cat/clock below…

march 2013 020

My musings and wonderings about from whence these items came abruptly stopped when I reached the frames area. It seems that donators don’t feel the need to remove the real photos from the frames before shuffling them off to the good will. And these are definitely *not* the kind of photos that come with a frame when you buy it in a store.  Here are some examples:

march 2013 027

march 2013 025

march 2013 026

Then, there are always the humorous finds at the thrift store…lost among the frames was this bit of art:

march 2013 023

Thus concludes my photo journey of the good will on West Colfax.