Sunday, November 24, 2013

August in the blah life

I already had a post about the most fun thing I did in August (the 4 Pass Loop). So, what else did I do?

We made the pasta – well, mostly Seth made the pasta. He crafted a seriously beautiful Italian parsley-filled hand-cut pasta:

August 2013 005

I ran the zombie run 5k with Lacy. This is an event where volunteers dress up like zombies (their makeup is professionally done) and they try to grab the three balloons you have secured to a belt around your waist. If the zombies successfully get all three of your balloons then you have not survived the zombie apocalypse.  We did not survive…


The zombie run was actually pretty fun and I did run faster than usual as some of the zombies gave good chase. Some were very aggressive and others were just run-of-the-mill zombies. If you run it in the future, don’t be afraid to bat away their hands.

We saw Rodrigo y Gabriela at Red Rocks Amphitheater. They played part of the show with the Colorado Symphony Orchestra. It was a lovely and surprisingly energetic show. Here is Seth doing the parking lot thing prior to the show:

August 2013 012

Of course, we had many a garden harvest in August, which was actually pretty fun. Every time we went out to the garden there seemed to be more and more vegetable and fruit bounty. Here are shots of two such evening garden runs:

August 2013 009

Aug sept 2013 005

We made the good foods with some of the garden products too! One evening we had grilled scallops and nectarines with corn and tomato salad. Grilled nectarines are surprisingly tasty, especially on a fork with a bit of scallop drizzled with basil sauce and fresh garden tomato.

August 2013 046

There was also hiking! The night before hiking Mt. Princeton (14,197’), we camped at ~12,000 feet. It was pretty chilly but dry and clear and we were surrounded by mountains.

Aug sept 2013 042

We rose to a rosy sunset and those mountains lit up amazingly:

Aug sept 2013 051

Aug sept 2013 050

The hike to Mt. Princeton wasn’t 100% dog-friendly with all the boulders and some scree, but Dempsey powered through and eventually was more nimble than we were.

Aug sept 2013 053

Aug sept 2013 057

Aug sept 2013 059

We also got some hiking in at Vail when we were there for a wedding. We hiked Notch Mountain, which has a wonderful view of Mount of the Holy Cross.

August 2013 060

August 2013 064

So, August was actually pretty full of activity and ripe fruits and vegetables and wonderful dinners and maybe not as blah as I at first thought…