Monday, August 31, 2009

Cat treats should be genderless?

I assume your grocery store has this automatic coupon generating thing. With modern technology the special grocery computers can analyze your purchases and pop out coupons for items that you know you want. This evening Sandy came home from the grocery with this coupon:

At first I thought "how did they know our kitty Yota is a female?" but then my brain actually started working and I realized that "Satisfy her every craving" is just what they put on the coupon (regardless of the gender of the recipient's feline). So why would they assume that only female cats like Whisker Lickin's? or do they think if you buy these your girlfriend, wife, partner will be satisfied? Those marketing folks have stumped me.

Monday, August 10, 2009

More cute stuff

Ok, I'm drooling over here. My IQ has fallen that low...I have another post about cute animals. I hadn't intended to do it and I actually had another topic picked out but I got sucked in. You see, since I've been keeping my eye on FU Penguin, I noted that FU Penguin is on Facebook (!). Well, let me tell you, the fans of that page comment with some cute stuff - you know, to provide fodder for the FU Penguin site itself.

I'll give you an example. I just came upon a "cute overload" site and I found both an extremely weird but strangely endearing post "This Just In: A peeg in a crocheted hat." I just didn't expect to see a guinea pig in a yellow, crocheted hat tonight...or ever.

Next time I promise something other than cute animals.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

I'm just a sucker for cute animals

Well, I guess it depends on how you define "cute." Some people don't find pugs cute for instance.

While waiting at the wine bar for Sandy, I was searching for "awesome colorado hikes" and came across a somewhat silly but entertaining blog: I am so be a pug. Specifically, I bumped into the post about dad taking Jemima hiking, which she does with dad frequently it seems.

Part of the reason this is so amusing is that there are so many blogs that are about babies or older children that are in the voice of the child. So, it was pretty funny that someone did it with a pug.

Anyway, here in the blah life I rely on others (esp. via the internet!) to spice things up.

Until later...

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Mining the internet - for you!

That's right, all these hours I spend online looking for random stuff is done for you! I was recently clued in to a blog that I find to be cute, offensive and extremely funny all at the same time: F*ck You, Penguin.

The blog author brings to the world cute photos and talks about how disgusted he is by all the bloody cuteness!!! I myself am not disgusted because I am one of those people that goes all mushy over baby otter photos. But I am amused by the rants and the embedded cute pictures in the text links.

For example, on June 1st I found a post entitled "Baby Flying Squirrels: a mini 9/11 in your hand" with this picture:

There is even a book! The description provides some explanation behind both the site and the book:

"Attention, all you clumsy pandas, lovable puffins, huggable bunnies, and penguins that elicit ooohs and aaahs: The jig is up! We have lived under your furry fists for too long.

There is a cute and present danger lurking out there–in the wild, in the zoos, and sometimes even in our very own homes. Spurred on by the Cute Industrial Complex, these cuddly animals have taken over blockbuster films, inspirational posters, and computer desktops everywhere, further weakening the innocent civilians who are beguiled by these fuzzy frauds.

But you are stronger than them, aren’t you? Those soft bellies and wet noses are no match for you–and their free ride has just come to an end.

F U, Penguin is the rallying cry for those who choose to fight these power-hungry cute-mongers. Loaded with color photographs and hilarious commentary, this book will have you laughing out loud while it simultaneously saves you from the tragic fate of tossing yarn with big-eyed kittens and bottle-nursing baby pandas forever."