Thursday, August 4, 2011

Cherries and white wine

In contrast to my last post, this post will feature items I’ve mined from the internet while enjoying cherries and white wine (post cheese, of course).

I’ve unwittingly devoted my evening to viewing random blogs and websites. 


This website is really for photographers and covers topics of particular concern to them.  However, as you might imagine, there are some interesting photos on the site.  Like the dogs shaking their heads:



The site also had humans shaking their heads but this was less interesting:


Speaking of dogs, I found a website for Martin Usborne that has a section entitled “MUTE: the silence of dogs in cars” and is worth checking out – if you are a dog lover that is.  I have to warn you though, the photos are more melancholy than they are cute.  Here are a couple to get you going:



This website had a page on tree planter graffiti, which was highly appealing to me (the project website is here):



I also came across “extreme sheep LED art”:

Not sure if you are familiar with decorator crabs but the video below gives you an idea of how they work.  They will take whatever is around, tear it up and use their saliva to adhere it to their bodies. Fascinating creatures.

Ok, that’s enough for now. Over and out.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

letting go


I’ve recently begun to start letting things go.  My fear of ground meat, my assumptions about life, my motivation to seriously get things done, my marriage.  The photo above came from a blog that I recently ran across.  It seems to be titled “a place to mend the hearts of everyone who feels alone.”  It’s full of both profoundly sad and significantly inspirational photos and art (with a few ridiculous and irrelevant photos).  The quote in the photo above is the most succinct thing that I have found that describes this phase in my life. 

Mostly the change has been good.  Discovered a lot about myself and those around me.  My friends and co-workers are even better people than I thought.  Anyway, all of this change and letting go leads to contemplative times – like this.  Just sharing.


Tuesday, August 2, 2011

July Wrap-up

July was packed with activity - July 4th weekend activities, happy hours, bike events, hiking, etc. However, I did not cover everything in previous posts and now that it’s August, it’s about time.

Notably missing is the Moonlight Classic and my participation with team Hell on Wheelz .  The Moonlight Classic is a benefit bike ride that starts at 10:30 pm, has you ride 10 miles around Denver, and ends with a big party at the state capitol afterwards.  The Hell on Wheelz team was well-organized and pubcrawling-centric.  Good fun but it was late for me with the pre-party at El Diablo, the late start for the ride and leaving our second pub at 11:30 with 8 miles and two more pubs to go.  I left early but had a fun time riding with the team of devils with blinking red horns.

This is a photo Jessica took while we were waiting to start riding:


This is Jessica at El Diablo, that devilish girl:


I hiked to Lake Isabelle near Nederland – this is the lake:

july hiking 007

I hiked in Chacos (sandals) and was surprised to encounter so much snow!

photo 3

I also did some hiking in Boulder with my friend and colleague Pat.  Where we parked was spied on by a little white dog that stuck its head through a hole in the fence.

july more misc 003

We hiked to Royal Arch, which is this:

july more misc 013

It was a steep climb to the point that the trail had stairs (made of natural stone not concrete stairs).  This is Patrick at the top.

july more misc 017

This is one of many chipmunks that was not afraid of people:

july more misc 019

In my walking life I tend to take alleys for some reason and I was treated to the sight of a raccoon mom and two of her babies this month.  This is the mom:

boulder 007

These are the babies:

boulder 008

Other July activities are covered in previous posts but I wanted to share these too.  This is G from the Blah Life reporting – over and out.