Friday, August 1, 2014

Backyard last day of July

By the time I deboarded the bus yesterday the sun was out. This is remarkable because It rained for nearly all of the previous 48 hours.  This sort of weather is atypical for summer in Colorado. I was anxious to get into the backyard to explore and see how the garden was doing.

The excess moisture yielded many mushrooms, some very small:

July 31 003

The succulents had slightly tightened up, perhaps due to the relative chill during the rain.

July 31 004

One of our pepper plants has beautiful white flowers dripping from its limbs.

July 31 006

the yellow pear tomato plant is full of little veiny fruits.

July 31 008

The sunflowers are almost as tall as Seth and they are forming flower buds.

July 31 014

Even the raspberries are coming in. The bees are hard at work on them.

July 31 016

We are happy about the garden progress!

July 31 019

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