Sunday, December 6, 2009

Charming weekend


The weekend started with our annual holiday dinner with Lisa and Tony. We started at the Corridor 44 happy hour. The $4.00 champagne cocktails are just good enough to be worth the $4.00. Champagne is so much fun...We ate dinner at Venice Ristorante in LoDo. The food was so-so. If you want good Italian food in Denver I'd recommend somewhere else. It wasn't bad but, for the money, you could do better.

After dinner we stopped at the Cruise Room (in the Oxford Hotel) and, finally, at the Corner Office (they stayed at The Curtis Hotel). We actually all got a bit more food at the Corner Office. The Szechuan fries were pretty good if you are a few sheets to the wind. Needless to say, after all of these stops we were feeling pretty...tired. This is Lisa and Tony at the Cruise Room.

No pictures from Venice and only a Szechuan fry picture from the Corner Office. There is this feather xmas tree picture from the Oxford Hotel lobby:


Went to lunch and a movie with friends. We saw Precious, which some of you may know is the uplifting film of the season. The movie was pretty intense, especially if you've never been exposed to abuse.

The film was an extreme scenario but is still at least a sliver of what many abused children have experienced.

Afterward, we did domestic duties (laundry and so on) and then stared at each other trying to figure out what to do with ourselves and the thoughts rattling in our heads from the afternoon. We decided to go the the Bebel Gilberto concert at the Ogden Theater, which is pretty close to where we live. I had heard the songs of the Brazilian talent on various compilations and from friends but the show was fantastic and far exceeded expectations. She is such a good stage artist to say nothing of her singing and energy. Infectious in a very sensual way. This isn't the best video but does show some of her stage presence.


I create some wine charms! A friend had a wine charm party and provided beads and materials with which to create whatever we could come up with. She also provided mojitos, margaritas and martinis. Good time! I created the wine charms below which were much better than I thought I could do. I made three of this kind:

and four of this kind (different words):

Now I'm home and it's snowing but satisfied with the weekend.