Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Ok, this is a little explicit for me but I love the Muppets and it has good energy:

Next...who knows.

Monday, July 20, 2009


That's right! I'm back with another blog post in less than a week! I may have had a bit too much caffeine today but it may also be that my ears didn't hurt or itch and my head didn't feel like it was going to explode today. I do have this weird rash on my feet though...

Anyway, there's something I've been meaning to ask you: are you happy? if so, how do you know?

When I do a google image search for "happy" I get a lot of happy birthday or happy new year, this makes me think humans are only truly happy on holidays or special occasions. For the record there were a good number of photos of naked or scantily clad women also. I did find this tidbit though:

When I google image "happiness" it's just random stuff but dominated by happy face pictures and children smiling with sun on their faces. This piece of art, entitled "My happiness is riding on your misery" did come up:

I was dismayed there weren't more kittens or puppy pictures in the happy/happiness search. I guess google's idea of happy may be different than mine.

There are other happiness phenomena out there at the moment. For example there is the Happiness Project, which people like myself (who need happiness tips from time to time) do peruse. Though, truth be told, I didn't buy the "how to be happier in four easy lessons bit," which I liken to ads that claim you can lose 20 pounds in a month by exercising only 10 minutes per day.

Oh, there is also an extremely disturbing movie entitled "Happiness" by director Todd Solondz. Not really sure I would recommend it to anyone but I have seen it.

That's the end of my thought trail for this topic for now. Remember "happinesss is a choice and suffering is optional" and "choose to have a great day...because you deserve nothing less!" [note: I would never say either of these thing and I lifted them from the San Diego Happiness Club teaser - the club is now closed - and thought it would round out the post nicely.]

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Mindless hotel tv watching

Over the 4th of July weekend we stayed at a the Winter Park Lodge (or something of that sort). It was nice. We took the "cabriolet" to the little village across the way. the cabriolet is a small kind of aerial transportation thing. It was quite fun to ride for the 2 minute trip.

Anyway, once we arrived in the village we had dinner at Lime. Along with dinner we opted for the 21 ounce margarita - it was more cost effective than the 12 ounce. The waitress brought us some complimentary shots too. It was a good time.

When we got back to the hotel we were really only good for one thing - watching tv! This is something we rarely do since we don't have cable. We came across an episode of the Family Guy where in the dad character drinks a lot of beer and his wife accuses him of killing all his brain cells. The clip below is what the show depicted as the final brain cell in the dad's head:

[ok, it's 2010 and the video was "removed by user"!  Essentially we're given a window into Peter Griffin's head and it shows just one remaining brain cell with glasses on.  It is looking around and noticing that it is all alone, "I'm the only one left."  Then it says, "well, at least I have my books."  It promptly trips and breaks the eye glasses and laments, "but, but...there was time now...that's not fair!"]

That was all I wanted share, I just had to set up the context to be able to show the brain cell bit.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Someone save me

The internet is dissolving my brain. My blog suffers because of Facebook - all my pictures and comments of note now go on Facebook. I get sucked into watching full episodes of Jon Stewart. I check Icanhascheezburger twice a day. The iphone doesn't really help with this problem...with my Facebook and NYTimes "apps" my browsing is more efficient.

The most interesting thing that has happened to me lately is that I saw a Boston terrier puppy at the gym yesterday. You know how most women want babies? That's how I feel about puppies. I can't even find a picture of a Boston terrier online that is as cute as that little guy.

Otherwise, I had this strange dream that was animated (like a cartoon) about traveling in a canoe in the swamp but there were lots of alligators. Maybe this has something to do with my internet consumption.