Tuesday, June 30, 2009

2009 - funeral #3

I work on RTD's FasTracks program. Last Friday a man on the project, who I knew, Dennis Cole, died of a stroke. He was only 60. He was the Engineering Project Manager for one of the FasTracks rail corridors. Two bus loads of us RTD people attended that funeral today. It was much more difficult than I had imagined it would be. Strangely, I only cried out of my right eye. An odd detail but worth mentioning.

This is my third funeral for 2009 - my most funeral-heavy year on record.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


I'm not sure what marketing genius came up with "Carefree" as the name for a line of feminine products but I'm guessing that person was male. If you are reading this and a male you may not be aware of these "carefree" products. If not, you may want to get a primer at the Carefree website. But be warned, you will find more than information on the various panty liners they peddle. There is also information about pregnancy, a woman's "special time", and other "life changes." Oh! The best part is that you can send an egreeting from Carefree!! Another warning - you are required to answer questions like "which of the following describes my use of pantyliner?" Unfortunately the selections were limited, they didn't have the option to indicate that I use them to give my hamster to make a nest (I don't really have a hamster).

I guess this is what a "woman on the go" looks like when she's carefree.

Monday, June 1, 2009

The Annoying Thing

This is horrible - I'm warning you, do not watch it. I've got the ring-ding-ding-a-ding-ding-a-ding bit stuck in my head.